Gallery Philippe Paschos PAUILHAC Le Bascou
32500 -  PAUILHAC (France) -  00 33 (0) 562 600 288 -  (0) 660 638 771 -


For 30 years Philippe Paschos ran his eponymous gallery in Grimaud-Village in the Gulf of St Tropez on the French Riviera.
In the autumn of 2012, wishing to be closer to his collectors and establish a fresh era of conviviality as a gallery owner, he opened his House of Contemporary Art in Pauilhac in Gascony.
Now, far from the cliched tourist routes and backed by his valuable experience and expertise, Philippe choses to promote an authentic thought process that allows the observer to open up to emotions, away from trends, fashions; and to welcome art enthusiasts sensitive to the subtle fragility of the artistic creation.

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